Small Plant & Equipment

We’ll never compromise on safety, so you can be sure that any item, large or small, provided by Select Plant Australia Pty Ltd, will be in optimum condition, free from defects, and ready for your task.

Every item is maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, and we ensure that electrical items are tested in accordance with relevant states legislation. 

Professional equipment is designed for heavy use, but even with the best care damage or defects can occur.  At Select Plant Australia Pty Ltd we know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be, if work can’t continue until a repair is made. 

With a dedicated field service and maintenance team with specialist diagnostic equipment, we will endeavour to offer a swift response time, to find and remedy the fault as soon as possible. 

Working from our Depots in QLD, NSW, WA or from the Select Plant Australia Pty Ltd workshops on site, our highly trained fitters and maintenance teams will arrange a servicing schedule that suits our client’s needs. 

Our specialists have firsthand experience in virtually every facet of construction delivery, and we’re happy to share our knowledge to help ensure that your programme goes without a hitch. 

Additionally all Select Plant Australia Pty Ltd small tools are issued with barcodes that enable tracking and promote accountability and responsibility on site. 

By utilising Select Plant Australia Pty Ltd our projects can expect:

  • A standardised plant offering of premium tooling with highly competitive pricing and a guarantee of supply, all delivered free of charge within 5 working days.
  • Safety and compliance: all Select Plant Hire’s plant and equipment are fully compliant with Laing O’Rourke Primary Standards along with all regulatory, statutory and industry standards and requirements. 
  • A consistent standard to maintenance and service programs with qualified and experienced fitters available 24/7 and a proven history delivering onsite small tools solutions 
  • The highest standards for safety in design for all tools and plant with access to Specialist experts and bespoke solutions. 
  • All tools fully administered by Select Plant Australia Pty Ltd and issued with barcodes to enable tracking thus reducing loss and theft and promoting accountability of all tools on site.