Site Solutions

Through years of experience and involvement in construction and infrastructure projects across the country, Select Plant Australia Pty Ltd knows what’s needed to get a new project site up and running.

Site Solutions purpose is to make setting up your Project faster, easier and more efficient. It will focus on the supply and installation of on-site accommodation, facilities and services required by construction teams to service the project. The service will be limited to the mobilisation, demobilisation and modification of facilities outside the construction boundary. 

Installation of temporary services or enabling works such as lighting, power, barricades and hoarding within the construction boundary will not form part of the service. This is a continuous activity that requires close co-ordination with construction activity progression with project teams best suited to self-deliver these services. 

Site Solutions will specialise in delivering a standardised set of product offerings including: 

  • Site Accommodation - offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, canteen/crib rooms  
  • Amenities (toilets, washrooms, showers, change rooms) 
  • Workshop and store rooms 
  • Vehicle wash bays 
  • Flammable & hazardous materials stores 
  • Site Facilities Furniture & office equipment 
  • IT & AV equipment - whitegoods, ice machines, etc 
  • Site Services - electricity, water and waste connections 
  • Generators - water tanks & grey water systems 
  • Hoarding & Fencing - perimeter fencing & timber hoarding 
  • Site access control - CCTV & site security services 
  • Installation & project management services 
  • Waste management – bins & skips, liquid waste removal, waste water treatment plants
  • Fuel supply

Value Add 

By providing project mobilisation from a centralised function, Select Plant Australia Pty Ltd Site Solutions will be able to add value to the Project in the following ways: 

  • Provide accurate cost planning at bid stage 
  • Allow projects to focus on the early delivery stages, giving them a head start 
  • Reduce mobilisation costs achieved through continuous improvement and refinement of the supply chain 
  • Minimise costly variations through the use of clear, detailed scopes of work and standard specifications and drawings 
  • Provide continuity with presentation and image across all projects 
  • Reduced search costs across the business 
  • Ensuring the best levels of workforce welfare are deployed onto your Project 
  • Compliance to all Australian codes and standards