Excavators, Loaders & Compaction

Select Plant Australia Pty Ltd currently has a fleet of 20 excavators ranging in size from 5 to 35 tonnes with a wide range of variety of attachments including buckets, rippers, hydraulic hammers, vibratory compaction plates, compaction wheels and augers.

Our line of loaders includes a broad scope of equipment starting from 1 tonne skidsteers up to 14t wheeled loaders with an impressive range of supporting attachments.  Amongst this fleet we also have backhoe loaders, offering application flexibility. Easily adapted to work with a variety of tools, they ensure high machine utilisation on any working site. The front-end loader is traditionally used to move, spread, and load debris, while its back end features a backhoe (or bucket on a hydraulic arm) which can excavate, break up, and lift debris. 

Within our compaction equipment stream, we have procured hand compactors, small trenching rollers and 2 to 3.5 tonne smooth drum rollers for areas where smaller equipment with manoeuvrability and power is needed. The range extends in the smooth drum line to include 6, 12 and 16 tonne rollers. A wide range of additional compaction kit is available within our network including oscillating and articulated rollers.  To manage and monitor the excessive vibrations that can come through compactions and earth works, our Small Tools Team are able to supply vibrations testing tools and monitoring systems.